WAX OIG Election: Get involved!

The 10th WAX Inspector General Election is upon us.

Office of Inspector General
3 min readMay 24, 2024

With the nomination period open until the 7th of June, it is time to raise awareness for the OIG Election once again. Voting will take place on the OIG website, oig.wax.io, and currently supports the WAX Cloud Wallet, Anchor, and Wombat. If you want to cast your vote using a Ledger Hardware wallet, you will be required to link it to an Anchor wallet. You can get Anchor here!

How to Vote

Starting Monday, June 10th, 2024, you will be able to cast your votes toward any running candidate. If you are undecided, there is time to make up your mind, but make sure to cast your vote before June 14th at 17:59:59 UTC, as this is when voting concludes. Until the end of the voting period, you are free to change your decision and vote for a different candidate. Voting is limited to one candidate per WAX account. In the spirit of being a delegated Proof of Stake chain, the OIG election is based on your stake weight. Only tokens you own are counted, rented stake does not. Due to technical limitations, if you are staking towards other accounts, only the first 100 delegations of your account are counted.

Keep in mind that you can unstake your tokens and re-stake them to your own account instantly without waiting out the three-day unstaking period.

The Election Process

If you do not yet know what the Office of Inspector General is, what the OIG does, and what it requires to be an Inspector General, make sure to read our Introduction to the WAX Office of Inspector General and check out the OIG website.

If you have any questions or comments, join the official WAX Governance channel on Telegram, the official WAX Discord, or one of our bi-weekly round tables.

If you think you have what the Office and WAX ecosystem needs or know someone who does, nominations are still open.

The Job

While we encourage every suitable candidate to ‘run for office’, we need to point out that becoming an IG is not a decision to be taken lightly.
18 Months in the Office is a significant commitment. The OIG is designed as a full-time position, with compensation fluctuating based on the WAX token price, as it’s aligned with the compensation of a Standby Guild.

If you read the introduction to the OIG, you will see that the requirements an IG has to fulfill are versatile. While some knowledge can be acquired ‘on the job’, and the IGs usually complement each other's skillset, a certain level of understanding and experience in technical aspects and blockchain governance is essential, while working proactively and independently is an absolute must.

On a personal level, an IG needs to remain objective and level-headed, communicate clearly, and de-escalate even under pressure or personal attacks.

Election requirements:

  • IG candidates must not run or be directly affiliated with any active Guild Candidate to prevent conflicts of interest. Any recent or ongoing business relations with Guild Candidates should be disclosed.
  • For the election to proceed to the voting stage, at least two Nominees must be found.
  • A certain threshold of voting participation needs to be met for an election to be considered successful. (currently defined as 15M Votes)
  • The winning candidate received at least 8M WAX of votes.

If any of these criteria remain unmet, the election process is repeated until a clear outcome has been determined.

Take the coming days to get to know the candidates, what they stand for, and what they plan to contribute to the Office of Inspector General.
But most importantly, make your voice heard: oig.wax.io

Every vote matters!



Office of Inspector General

A watchdog committee that publishes reports recognizing the value WAX Guilds are creating for the WAX ecosystem.