Office of Inspector General

May 7, 2020

2 min read

Office of Inspector General Guidelines v1.6 Request For Feedback

Attention WAX Guilds,

  • Clarifying the time periods as starting from the time new monthly submissions are closed.
  • Increased minimum points required to achieve paid standby to 150.
  • Changed four 9s requirement to be re-evaulated monthly instead of quarterly.
  • Added participation in Testnet upgrades as a criteria.
  • Clarified Product Development points accumulation over time and decay.
  • Modified Business Development to score similarly to Product Development and track on a per-deal basis.
  • Modified Community Engagement to be re-evaluated on a month to month basis.
  • Removed community support in telegram and added community management initiatives.
  • Added outstanding community initiatives bonus points to award guilds for large accomplishments.
  • Increased Tech Ops percentage of total score to 35%
  • Decreased Community Engagement percentage of total score to 15%
  • Corrected Product Development multiplier calculation.
  • Rolled open source points into overall PD consideration and removed separate item.