Nominations Open for the First Inaugural OIG Election

Following last week’s announcement regarding the first inaugural OIG Election, the Office is pleased to announce that nominations are now open!

Starting immediately, anyone with a WAX account can head on over to the OIG Governance Dashboard and login to nominate an account, accept or deny a nomination, and if accepted, publish nominee information to be displayed to the WAX token holders. Nominations are open until July 23 2020 at 21:05:00 UTC.

After nominations are closed, a ballot will be created with each accepted nominee as an option using the Decide voting engine, which has been brought over to WAX from the Telos network. Decide manages the election ballot, ensuring that no votes may be cast after the voting period ends on July 31 2020 at 21:05:01 UTC. After voting closes, a winner will be determined ranked by largest number of votes. They also qualify to receive a limited edition Office of Inspector General Insignia challenge coin NFT, which will be granted to each IG upon completion of their term of service.

More details on how the OIG Governance Dashboard works under the hood will follow in a future technical blog post on the topic. For now, you may peruse the smart contracts used here and here, and the frontend code here.

Many thanks to all who contributed to getting this election up and running successfully:

  • Kaefer for building the backend smart contracts.
  • Adam Zientarski for his work on the frontend.
  • Craig Branscom for his work on Decide and acting as an advisor.
  • Fabian from Pink for helping out with the UAL.
  • Josep and Marlon for keeping the OIG lights on.
  • WAX team for requirements and feedback.
  • WAX community for QA, feedback, and participation!
  • WAX guilds for pointed feedback on the OIG as a whole,
  • Telos community for building Decide.

If you’d like to join in the discussion, or provide feedback, tune into the WAX Guilds Telegram group.

May the best candidate win!

Robrigo, IG Chair



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Office of Inspector General

A watchdog committee that publishes monthly reports recognizing the value WAX Guilds are creating for the WAX ecosystem.